Open (Re)source

Media Materiality, Digital Infrastructure, Planned Obsolescence, the Open Source Movement

This project (in development) composes digital narratives to address three issues that are increasingly salient in media studies: media materiality, planned obsolescence, and the open source movement. I will investigate how interactive narratives can propel user awareness of the roles of materiality in digital infrastructure—including in the production, consumerism, and reception of digital devices.

As part of the project development, I am experimenting with interactive storytelling methods in different media platforms and forms, including video games and media art. I have developed a mini video game called “In your Phone, In their Air” that was inspired by a Washington Post article on graphite production and pollution in Northeastern China. This game provides an exploratory environment for a journalist to investigate further into graphite, which is a mineral necessary for lithium-ion batteries (used in many digital devices).