About Me

My research takes a critical and creative approach to media studies, literary studies, maker culture, and cultural studies. I develop innovative digital approaches and tools (including research-creation) towards a range of related research areas, including: narratives over various media and forms; media materiality and archaeology; environmental humanities; digital culture and user interaction; and the ethics/politics of technological infrastructures.

My research has been funded by several major grants and awards, including three Hong Kong grants in 2017 (two in research and one in digital pedagogy). In 2015, I was honoured to receive the international ADHO’s (Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations) Lisa Lena Opas-Hänninen Young Scholar Prize.

In my spare time, I enjoy travelling, meeting new people, arts and crafts, and good food (but who doesn’t enjoy this last one?).

CONTACT: laitze [dot] fan [at] gmail [dot] com