Developing games for kids with asthma

I’m spending my weekend at Concordia University in a game jam with Breathing Games. Our goal over the next two days is to develop a prototype mobile video game (non-profit) called “Lung Launcher.”

Early designs for our interface and interaction.

“Lung Launcher” (working title) will help children aged 6 to 11 with chronic asthma to understand, engage with, and live with their illness. They will explore the environment of human lungs while fighting evil asthma triggers such as viruses, irritants, and allergies.

To start and move through the game, children must use a device to enter their “peak flow”–an exercise in which they breathe out as fast as possible in order to measure airway obstruction and lung function capacity. Children must also answer short questions about how they are doing with the asthma, including whether or not they have remembered to take their medication each day. This data is recorded as part of the app and can be used as feedback for parents, physicians, and researchers.

For more detailed information, see my real-time notes on the Game Jam.

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